Friday, May 16, 2008

Verlorene Jungs - Ungeliebt

Great band hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany. Another great release proving that the Germans know how to make great Oi!
Track List:
  1. Vertrauen
  2. Genauso Wie Wir
  3. Was War Gestern Los?
  4. Du Oder Ich
  5. Ich Musste Gehen
  6. Unbeliebt
  7. Plastik Popstars
  8. Niemals Freunde
  9. Kein Weidersehen
  10. Genug Ist Nicht Genug
  11. Armes Deutschland
  12. Lost Boiz Army
  13. Wo?
  14. Drunken Skinhead
  15. Kein Zeit Mehr Für Dich


"Was War Gestern Los?"

"Du Oder Ich"

"Plastik Popstars"

"Drunken Skinhead"

Oi! Scouts - Strength In Numbers 7" & Oi Scouts/Squiggy 7"

A well known Streetpunk band. Only problem is their CD is out of print, and their vinyl stuff is hard to find. So I posted all of the Oi! Scouts tracks from both of these 7"s

Track List:
Oi! Scouts/Squiggy split 7"
Oi! Scouts (Side A)
  1. Another Battle
  2. Police Harassment

Squiggy (Side B)

  1. Hang The Lawyers
  2. Corporate
  3. Jack ('97)
  4. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Strength In Numbers

  1. Revolution
  2. Oi Punks
  3. War Is Sick
  4. Anarchy People


"Another Battle"

"Police Harassment"


"Oi Punks"

"War Is Sick"

"Anarchy People"

Banner Of Thugs - What We Hold Dear

Very catchy melodic Oi! from Holland. They have a unique sound and style, plus they do some good Johnny Cash and Operation Ivy covers
Track List
  1. For The Glory
  2. Cause Some Trouble Jimmy
  3. What We Hold Dear
  4. Had Your Fun
  5. In The Woods
  6. E-Street
  7. Banner Of Thugs
  8. Redemption (Johnny Cash cover)
  9. Dreams Die Hard
  10. Point Of No Return
  11. Captured In My Heart
  12. Steadfast
  13. The Sword Above Our Heads
  14. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)


"For The Glory"

"Cause Some Trouble Jimmy"

"Banner Of Thugs"

"Redemption" (Johnny Cash cover)

"Captured In My Heart"

"Knowledge" (Operation Ivy cover)

Big D And The Kids Table - Stricly Rude

Boston based Ska Punk band. I saw em open up for Dropkick Murphys a few months back and dug 'em. Catchy tunes if you're into ska-ish type of music

Track List
  1. Steady Riot
  2. Noise Complaint
  3. Shining On
  4. Souped-Up Vinyl
  5. Deadpan Face
  6. Snakebite
  7. Strictly Rude
  8. Try Out Your Voice
  9. Hell On Earth
  10. Fly Away
  11. Breaking The Bottle
  12. Raw Revolution
  13. Relocate The Beat
  14. The One
  15. She Knows Her Way


"Steady Riot"

"Shining On"

"Souped-Up Vinyl"

"Try Out Your Voice"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unit 21 - Brainshred

The sophmore release from Dallas Tx's own Unit 21. Fast, aggressive, catchy Thrash Punk. Guaranteed to make you lose - your - mind
Track List
  1. Burn The Days Of Time
  2. Tour Withdrawal
  3. Human Oxen
  4. Let's Have Fun
  5. Soccer Mom
  6. Brainshred
  7. We Continue
  8. Rise Fall Repeat
  9. Empire Laid To Ruin
  10. Strangle The Reason


"Burn The Days Of Time"

"Let's Have Fun"

"Soccer Mom"

"Empire Laid To Ruin"

"Strangle The Reason"

Broilers/Volxsturm - Good Fellas Never Split 10"

Split between 2 influential German Oi! bands. Broilers play a softer style of melodic Punk Rock/Oi!, and Volxsturm play catchy Oi!. Both bands will make you wanna learn German
Track List
the Broilers (Side A)
  1. Heimat (Volxsturm cover)
  2. Harter Regen
  3. Ciggarettes & Whiskey (Jim Croce cover)
  4. You Can Get It (Desmond Dekker cover)

Volxsturm (Side B)

  1. Nur Die Nacht Weiss (Broilers cover)
  2. So Sind Sie
  3. Kuddel Daddel Du
  4. So Wie Ihr


"Harter Regen"

"You Can Get It (Desmond Dekker cover)"

"So Sind Sie"

This Is My Fist! - A History Of Rats

Bay Area California Punk. Female fronted band, has Punk, Pop Punk and even some Folk sounds to it. A catchy, melodic, and very underrated band

Track List

  1. Wooden Bullets
  2. Quack Medicine
  3. Wretched Of The Earth
  4. Hooray For The Home Team
  5. Biblethumpin'
  6. You Sunk My Battleship!
  7. I'm Not Even Trying
  8. Bipolar Planes
  9. Nerd Camp
  10. E-Ville Part 2
  11. Skyscraper's Gone Crazy
  12. A History Of Rats


"Wooden Bullets"

"I'm Not Even Trying"

"E-Ville Part 2"

"A History Of Rats"