Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Is My Fist! - A History Of Rats

Bay Area California Punk. Female fronted band, has Punk, Pop Punk and even some Folk sounds to it. A catchy, melodic, and very underrated band

Track List

  1. Wooden Bullets
  2. Quack Medicine
  3. Wretched Of The Earth
  4. Hooray For The Home Team
  5. Biblethumpin'
  6. You Sunk My Battleship!
  7. I'm Not Even Trying
  8. Bipolar Planes
  9. Nerd Camp
  10. E-Ville Part 2
  11. Skyscraper's Gone Crazy
  12. A History Of Rats


"Wooden Bullets"

"I'm Not Even Trying"

"E-Ville Part 2"

"A History Of Rats"

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