Friday, May 16, 2008

Banner Of Thugs - What We Hold Dear

Very catchy melodic Oi! from Holland. They have a unique sound and style, plus they do some good Johnny Cash and Operation Ivy covers
Track List
  1. For The Glory
  2. Cause Some Trouble Jimmy
  3. What We Hold Dear
  4. Had Your Fun
  5. In The Woods
  6. E-Street
  7. Banner Of Thugs
  8. Redemption (Johnny Cash cover)
  9. Dreams Die Hard
  10. Point Of No Return
  11. Captured In My Heart
  12. Steadfast
  13. The Sword Above Our Heads
  14. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)


"For The Glory"

"Cause Some Trouble Jimmy"

"Banner Of Thugs"

"Redemption" (Johnny Cash cover)

"Captured In My Heart"

"Knowledge" (Operation Ivy cover)

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