Thursday, May 15, 2008

Broilers/Volxsturm - Good Fellas Never Split 10"

Split between 2 influential German Oi! bands. Broilers play a softer style of melodic Punk Rock/Oi!, and Volxsturm play catchy Oi!. Both bands will make you wanna learn German
Track List
the Broilers (Side A)
  1. Heimat (Volxsturm cover)
  2. Harter Regen
  3. Ciggarettes & Whiskey (Jim Croce cover)
  4. You Can Get It (Desmond Dekker cover)

Volxsturm (Side B)

  1. Nur Die Nacht Weiss (Broilers cover)
  2. So Sind Sie
  3. Kuddel Daddel Du
  4. So Wie Ihr


"Harter Regen"

"You Can Get It (Desmond Dekker cover)"

"So Sind Sie"

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